Teaching Breastfeeding Techniques to Help You Build a Healthy Bond With Your Newborn.

One on One Sessions

A private session at the comfort of your own home. This is a hands-on service, observing you and the baby during feeding.
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Breastfeeding Circles

It takes a village to raise a baby. Mothers can learn a lot from being around each other. Sessions of up to 12 women.
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Online/Phone Guidance

Some follow up/intro sessions don’t require an in-person meeting. We will talk milk flow, dryness, sleeping patterns and more.
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The connection between a mother and her newborn starts in the early stages of development – in the womb. The baby gets used to your smell, body temperature, heartbeat and voice.   

Breastfeeding, while providing unbeatable nourishment to your newborn in the first few months, is by far the strongest way to strengthen the bond between a mother and her baby. You’re providing the comfort of skin-to-skin contact and the familiar sounds of your heartbeat, your body temperature and smell, while showing your baby that you are there to care for them, no matter what.

Unfortunately, breastfeeding can be challenging to some women. If you’re struggling, it seems easier to just throw in the towel and switch to formula. But rather than missing out on the benefits of breastfeeding, a latching professional can guide and teach you techniques that will ease the process and turn it more enjoyable for both you and your baby.